exost remote Exost 360 aquacross
Exost 360 Aquacross $59.99
Master the Stunts and Defy all Terrain! 360 AquaCross can tread on Land and Water! Soft yet Durable Exost Tires with 2.4 GHz transmission which can support multiple players. It also can run on 2 sides and includes rechargeable battery! • Able to Run on 2 sides, Water & Land• Tackle Obstacles in any Angle• Soft yet Durable Exost Tires• Rechargeable Battery included• 2.4GHz can support multiple players• ABS body with urban deco
exost exost Exost 360 Mini Flip exost exost Exost 360 Mini Flip
Exost 360 Mini Flip $34.99
*Comes in Red or Green, colour sent at random*Brave all obstacles to 360° Ultra-Small ! Ultra-Nervous! Drives on 2 sides ! Same function as the famous 360 CROSS with fancy colors. Functional headlights on both sides ! This car is able to run on 2 sides. Its wheels absorbs any shock ! Made for stunt. All-terrain tyres shock absorber Double-sided body Infrared transmitter Indicator light Movement control and steering control
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exost remote EXOST 360 TORNADO
EXOST 360 TORNADO $74.99
Please note that these come in random colours, a random one will be sent  Chews up any terrain at 360°! Much Bigger than 360 Cross, more sensation and more acrobatic flips with its 2.4Ghz control system on two sides. A new driving experience!All-terrain tyres shock absorberDouble-sided bodyRC antennaIndicator lightMovement control and steering controlInflate tires with air pump !
exost remote Exost 360 Tornado Spheric
Exost 360 Tornado Spheric $49.99
  Chew up any Terrain at 360°! Revolutionized spheric tires guaranteed to deliver out-of-reality 360 stunting experiences! Able to run on 2 sides at all time! All-terrain tyres shock absorber Double-sided body RC antenna Indicator light Movement control and steering control Inflate tires with air pump ! 2 AA for remote 4 AA for car  
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exost remote Exost Hyperdrift
Exost Hyperdrift $64.99
Introducing HyperDrift – The special designed tires perform ultra hyper drifts! It could perform U-shaped drift, Figure 8 drift, drive with style with speedy design & redefined drifting. 2.4GHz support multiple players! Special Design Tires performs ultra hyper drift! Drive & Drift! Performs U-shaped drift, Figure 8 drift, drive with style Speedy Design & redefined drifting With 2.4G remote control, you can race and drift with multiple cars 4 AA - Car 2 AA - Remote
exost stem Exost Jump Mega Pack
Exost Jump Mega Pack $24.99
It's jump city!   A fun stunt pack for your little speed demon. Set up the jump, pull back and away you go. 3 in 1 djustable ramp, no batteries required, simply set up and go. Suitable for ages 5+   Exost Jump Mega Pack A High Speed Friction Powered Stunt Car with No Battery required! Each set comes with 3-in-1 adjustable ramp that allows the stunt car to perform Flip, Bolt & Jump! And 3 different types of accessories: Barrels, Tires & Road-barriers included. Reusable Packaging and turn into a jumping ramp for additional fun! Now start building your stunt park and get ready to Crash Them All!! Whats in the box 2 Stunt Cars Ramp Box can be used as part of stunt trackPlus 1 of 3 different types of accessories/obstacles to collect (you will receive tyres or barrels or road barriers) - chosen at random  
Launch into the exciting world of performance with the Exost Jump Stunt Pack with friction powered jump vehicle. Flip, bolt or jump your way over the 3-in-1 adjustable stunt ramp using the high-speed friction motor, no batteries required! Give your racer a gentle push forward to charge the high-speed motor and perform a variety of awesome tricks! There are 3 different urban car designs (and 6 colours) to collect - SUV, Racer or Flip Car (chosen at random). Your pack contains: 1 x High speed jump vehicle with friction motor and a 3-in-1 adjustable jumping ramp Packaging that doubles as an extra thrilling play ramp for additional fun Plus 1 of 3 different types of accessories/obstacles to collect (you will receive tyres or barrels or road barriers) - chosen at random
exost exost Exost Lightning Dash exost exost Exost Lightning Dash
Exost Lightning Dash $79.99
Thrilled by its Sound, Dazzling by its Light! Introducing Lightning Dash, stylish vehicle with remote controllable light and sound effects. This super car brings coolest underbody glowing effect! With a button push, you are able to control the super car sound effects.•      Remote controllable Sound & Light effects•      6 LED Lighting effect•      Exclusive Exost Tires•      Design for Speed
exost remote Exost Loop Gravity Challenge Set
Exost Loop Gravity Challenge Set $79.99
Challenge Gravity and race against your opponent ! Build your own track set ! Remote Control Forward & Backward Trigger Boost Button: 5s high speed Infrared Control Car Led Loading tube Straight tube Curve tube Trick Also available Car racing without limit ! The Mega Racing Tubes set includes : 17 curved tubes 3 Long straight tubes 6 short tubes 1 set of overtake tubes 1 set of jump tubes 1 tube supporter 1 entrance tube 1 car 1 remote controller Practice on this track and customize it with accessories (sold separately) ! Transmitter batteries : 2xAAA (not included). Built-in car batteries : recharge via USB cable (included) Aset including 2tricks: a shortcut & a big jump! Transmitter batteries : 2ラAAA (not included). 17curved tubes   Exost Loop: Drive high speed cars in 3D tubes tracks! Customize your tracks as you want thanks to sets and tubes sold separately. Each car has a boost to catch up with its opponent, gague your speed to take the shortcuts or take the leap! Technology infrared, 4 bands to play up to 4 players simultaneously. Features: A set including 2 tricks: a shortcut & a big jump! Practice on this track and customize it with accessories (sold separately)! Transmitter batteries : 2ラAAA (not included). - Exost Loop: Gravity Challenge - Race Set  
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exost stem Exost Loop Twin Tower Racing Set
Exost Loop Twin Tower Racing Set $149.99
Exost Loop set consists of racing car, with infrared remote control, and tubes of different shapes which allows you to build and race without limits. With scale speed up to 432 km/h, this indoor race set is sure to provide hours of speedy fun!   Age: 5 years and up Approx track dimensions: 75 x 143 x 54 cms Approx package dimensions: 36 x 60 x 9 cms Contents: racing car, infrared remote control, 57 tubes of different shapes, charging cable for racing car Required 4 AAA batteries(not included)
exost exost Exost Mad Rodz exost exost Exost Mad Rodz
Exost Mad Rodz $99.99
Speedy car with a maximum speed of 15km/h, equipped with front suspension and durable tyres. Quick acceleration with rechargeable battery. • Speed racer with maximum speed of 15km/h• Equipped with front suspension and EXOST tyres.• Quick acceleration, high speed.• Black car body with bronze colour rods.• Rechargeable battery
exost remote Exost Rhino Wave exost remote Exost Rhino Wave
Exost Rhino Wave $139.99
Exost Rhino wave can overcome every terrain and obstacles! PP Tyres with anti-shock suspension rim can absorb any impact and can drive on water. Equipped with twin turbine to gain extra power and speed on water. •        Lightweight EPP Tyres with innovative anti-shock rim.•        Large wheels and strong torque can overcome any obstacles.•        Can float and drive on water.•        Equipped with twin turbine for extra power when driving on water.•        Rechargeable battery
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exost exost Exost Rocketwave exost exost Exost Rocketwave
Exost Rocketwave $63.99 $69.99
Rave & Brave the Wave! 4CH RC speed boat with Twin Turbine for optimum speed. Includes Rechargeable Battery with 2.4 GHz transmission that can drive up-to a maximum range of 25 meters! • Rave & Brave the Wave!• 4CH RC speed boat• Twin Turbine• 2.4 GHz transmission up to 10 players.• ABS body with urban deco  
exost remote Exost Storm exost remote Exost Storm
Exost Storm $49.99
Performs incredible stunts ! Exost Storm is able to perform great stunts with its 360° independent swivel axles! All-terrain tyres shock absorber Protective rubber Independant swivel axles Front bumper RC antenna Indicator light Movement control and steering control   SPECIFICATIONS       2 COLOUR(S) AVAILABLE Random Colour will be sent
exost remote Exost Wild Motor Drift exost remote Exost Wild Motor Drift
Exost Wild Motor Drift $49.99
Incredible stunt bike! Introducing Exost Motodrift – the absolute stunning Motorcycle defies all obstacles. With the powerful back wheels, it able to twist and drift in any surface. Able to spin with style in 360. 2.4GHz support multiple players! Steering control Movement control Futuristic body design Turnable rear wheel 3 AA for car 2 AA for Remote   SPECIFICATIONS