tnw sensory 3D Push Pop Fidget Ball Asst Colours
3D Push Pop Fidget Ball Asst Colours $4.99
*Colour will be sent at random*The fidget sensory toy with Popping sounds, it’s very enjoyable and decompressed. Simply presses on the semi-circular bubble protruding from the sphere, and they make a slight popping sound. It's not like bubble wrap, but you can have endless fun with it.
tnw sensory BENDY SLOTH
Our Bendy Sloth is an extremely tactile and fun little guy made of durable plastic in bright and appealing colours with happy faces. They have a metal skeleton that enables them to stay in any shape you bend them into. The Bendy Sloth is used to self-regulation through visual and tactile stimulation. Playing with this product stimulates and satisfies touch and sight senses. It has a great calming effect! These are an ideal fiddle and fidget toy, to busy and occupy the fingers in the classroom, leaving the mind free to focus. They are also a great alternative for older ages.
tnw sensory Fidget Chain Link Puzzle
Fidget Chain Link Puzzle $4.99
 **RANDOM COLOR WILL BE SENT**Here it is... the ultimate fidget toy for shaping, clicking and twisting.Manipulate it into thousands of shapes and unique configurations and listento the satisfying clicking noises it makes when doing so.Coming in a variety of colour combinations, this unique fidget toy is great for kids and adults of all ages.Product size: 18.5 x 3 x 1 cmRecommended Age: 3 years +
tnw General Heebie Jeebies Touch A Bubbles
Heebie Jeebies Touch A Bubbles $4.99
*Colour sent at randomTouchabubbles provide children with endless fun! They are magic bubbles that are stronger and more durable than traditional bubbles. Gently blow the bubbles and wait a few seconds for the magic to happen! Bubbles can be caught in hands or on your fingers, stacked, or roll along the floor. The bubbles are non-toxic so harmless to young skin.   Touchabubbles are recommended: For developing oral motor skills To support regulation by encouraging respiration  To develop gross motor skills including hand-eye coordination  For children 3+ years 
tnw sensory Infinity Cube Asst Colour
Infinity Cube Asst Colour $7.99
Infinity Cube - Please note one random colour will be sent. Become a whiz-bang fidgeter with the Infinity Cube, this fun fidget toy isperfect for kids, teens and adults! Loads of fun, it is playable with one hand or two, it can be flipped or folded intoa wide array of shapes and challenges the user with a whole cosmos of tricks to master. This durable and smart design is excellent for releasing stress from work or school. Avoid nervous nail biting, leg shaking and knuckle cracking and build up focus with this calming, quiet and compact sensory cube. Product size: approx 8 x 4 x 2 cm Recommended Ages 6 years +  
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tnw sensory Large 5 Pops Fidget
Large 5 Pops Fidget $4.99
Simple yet brilliant; push and pop them, Poke and grab them; a perfect, portable sensory delight. Made with a sturdy plastic frame and 100% silicone pop buttons, one can fidget all day long.Once you start pushing, poking, and popping there won’t be any stopping!This quiet fidget toy is great for tactile stimulation, exercising a child’s grasping ability, sensory exploration, encouraging fine motor skills, calmness and concentration.
tnw sensory Marble Mesh 2pk Asst Colours
Marble Mesh 2pk Asst Colours $4.99
*Colours sent at random*The fidget toy is great for kids with special needs. It is made of nylon mesh, sewn together at either end, and contains a marble which can be moved from end to end in a repetitive movement. Perfect for comfort soothing or managing anxiety.
tnw sensory MEDIUM BUZZING MAGNETS – PAIR (60x17mm)
MEDIUM BUZZING MAGNETS – PAIR (60x17mm) : No ordinary magnets. Toss them up in the air together and these powerful hematite magnets will rattle and hum! You’ll be captivated by their curious buzzing mid-air dance that is caused by the continual attraction and repulsion forces between them, and their olive-like shape. Use them as a stress relieving play toy or a finger fidget thing – they are so enthralling you’ll forget your worries, your work and everything else in between. Also great to use in the classroom in a magnet unit, ask: why do they make a noise?   What you get?   A pair of polished hematite Torpedo-magnets in a blister pack. Each magnet is approx. 6cm long.   How does it work?   MEDIUM BUZZING MAGNETS – PAIR : When these magnets connect together they vibrate making an unusual sound, almost like they’re singing magnets. Their poles align through their narrow shapes. To make them sing hold them in the palm of one hand, then, using your thumb, separate them to about a half inch apart. After a little bit of practice, when you toss them upward they will produce a wild sound. You might find it easier to hold one in each hand before tossing them up close together. Try, putting the narrow ends of the magnets together on a table or desk, let go and see what happens. Or try spinning them across the desk. Warning however, this can be really loud! The magnetic tricks you can do with these are limited only by your imagination! Fun and educational.   Teach:-   Metals and magnets.   Magnet attraction and repulsion forces.   FAQ:-   These magnets are STRONG so keep them from devices which are sensitive to magnetic fields.   Watch out for hard surfaces (concrete, wood floor etc) Singing Magnets are not indestructible; they can break.   WARNING: WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.   Recommended Age:     Age: 5+
tnw General Planet Stress Ball
Planet Stress Ball $4.99
Made from a soft and durable rubber sponge these stress balls are a great addition to your sensory play set. They are also highly bouncy and great for ball games.Not only are stress balls good for stress relief, they are also great for: Developing fine motor strength Improving blood circulation Relieves muscle Tension Aides concentration Deep pressure Not for suitable children under three years old due to small parts, keep out of their reach.
tnw sensory Popping Tubes Asst Colour
Popping Tubes Asst Colour $3.99
Stretch them and make them pop, twist them, shape them and connect them.Extend the tube for more noise or push them back and make them small again.The Extendable Popping Noise Tube is another fun sesnory toy from TNW.Coming in 4 assorted colours.
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tnw General Push Pop Bubbles Spinner
Push Pop Bubbles Spinner $4.99
* Colour will be sent at random * It’s the perfect two in one fidget toy – both a Pop It and a Spinner! This portable pocket sized sensory toy is great for fidgety hands and helps to assist with focus and relieve stress. Features include: Stress Reliever and Anxiety Reducing Toy: This bubble pop spinner fidget toy is a great sensory tool for someone stressed or just fidgety.  It can help restore mood, stay focused and support to calm individuals. Durable and Portable: The fidget toy is made of high-quality silicone and plastic, which is child friendly, durable and comfortable. Product size: 7.5 x 7.5 cm. Available in 4 colours, blue, pink black and white.
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tnw sensory Squeezy Pop Up Chipmunk In Teacup+
Squeezy Pop Up Chipmunk In Teacup+ $5.99
Colour will be sent at random These Squeezy Pop-Up Chipmunk in Teacup is super cute! It might look like an ordinary teacup, but give it a squeeze and ooh! Up pops the little chipmunk to say hello. A great tool for easing the tension and getting the conversation started, this sensory tool is small but mighty. It makes a great addition to your sensory kit, or an ideal gift for someone.
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tnw sensory Squishy Sticky Monster 7cm Asstd Colours
Squishy Sticky Monster 7cm Asstd Colours $4.99
*Random assortment will be sent*Splat these monsters like never before! Coming in 4 freakish designs, each is mouldable and soft with a sticky exterior that splats and sticks to any flat surface.Simply clean with water and the monsters will remain sticky. 4 assorted monsters to collect!Recommended Ages: 3 years + WARNING: Choking Hazard. Small Parts Not suitable for children under 3 years 
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tnw General The Magic Spring
The Magic Spring $7.99
Enjoy this classic metal spring coming in its own stylishly designed retro box. Walk it up and down stairs. Play with it in your hands and see how far you can stretch it. Walk it down a hill or slope. Read the box for more exciting ways you can use The Magic Spring and show off to your best buddies. Product size: 6 x 5.5 x 6 cm Not suitable for children under three years old due to small parts, keep out of their reach.
tnw sensory Wooden Puzzle Stick
Wooden Puzzle Stick $4.99
Show of your design talent and exercise your lateral thinking skills with this awesome Puzzle Stick. The movable wooden blocks can be manipulated into a wide range of shapes. Create your own puzzles and shapes, practice and test your friends.These coloured cubes will provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages, even parents will be tempted to play. Great quiet fidget for the classroom too.Product size: 15 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm