Adopt Me! Surprise Plush - Assorted*


Adopt Me! Surprise Plush - Assorted*

Product description
Bring to life the highly desirable and sought-after pets from the 1 game, Adopt Me!

Collect the different Adopt Me eggs which will give you a clue as to which pet you will reveal. Un-wrap the egg as it is ready to hatch and reveal your collectible Surprise Plush pet! Which pet will you adopt? Styles include Giraffe, Dragon, Penguin, Toucan and more! There is even a legendary light-up Diamond Unicorn chase to collect! As an added bonus, every Surprise Plush pet includes an exclusive Virtual Item Code! These 5” collectible plush pets range in rarity from common to legendary and are perfect for playing, cuddling, and displaying.

Collect them all!
Product Features:
  • SURPRISE REVEAL -Each collectible egg is ready to hatch and reveal an Adopt Me plush pet
  • EXCLUSIVE VIRTUAL CODE -Redeem your Adopt Me UGC virtual item code; 12 total
  • FUN COLLECTIBLES -Collect pets straight from Adopt Me like the Leopard Cat, Silly Duck and 10 more
  • RARE CHASE PLUSH -Collect the Diamond Unicorn plush that lights up
  • COLLECT THEM ALL - 12 plush pets that are brand new and perfect for collecting

Note: All contents randomised.