Halo Domez Collectible Figure Series 1 - Assorted


Halo Domez Collectible Figure Series 1 - Assorted

Product description


Connect & Display—Your Way with Domez! Collect highly detailed, stylized miniatures from the hottest pop culture properties. Domez come in their own stackable, connectable display case, creating a fun and unique way to show off your collection. Attach them side by side or stack them to the sky to build a unique “Wall of Domez” display all your own!

• Stylized, collectible characters that come housed in their own stackable, connectible display case.
• 3.1” (7.8 cm) tall Blind-Packed Collectible Characters
Each blind box contains 1 domed character.

Product Features:

  • Blind box containing 1 domed character
  • Find the rare mystery and chase character
  • Connect the Domez together
  • Each sold separately