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Pre Order For Wave 2 One Piece Open!
Pre Order For Wave 2 One Piece Open!


by tnw
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MEDIUM BUZZING MAGNETS – PAIR (60x17mm) : No ordinary magnets. Toss them up in the air together and these powerful hematite magnets will rattle and hum! You’ll be captivated by their curious buzzing mid-air dance that is caused by the continual attraction and repulsion forces between them, and their olive-like shape. Use them as a stress relieving play toy or a finger fidget thing – they are so enthralling you’ll forget your worries, your work and everything else in between. Also great to use in the classroom in a magnet unit, ask: why do they make a noise?


What you get?


A pair of polished hematite Torpedo-magnets in a blister pack. Each magnet is approx. 6cm long.


How does it work?


MEDIUM BUZZING MAGNETS – PAIR : When these magnets connect together they vibrate making an unusual sound, almost like they’re singing magnets. Their poles align through their narrow shapes. To make them sing hold them in the palm of one hand, then, using your thumb, separate them to about a half inch apart. After a little bit of practice, when you toss them upward they will produce a wild sound. You might find it easier to hold one in each hand before tossing them up close together. Try, putting the narrow ends of the magnets together on a table or desk, let go and see what happens. Or try spinning them across the desk. Warning however, this can be really loud! The magnetic tricks you can do with these are limited only by your imagination! Fun and educational.




Metals and magnets.


Magnet attraction and repulsion forces.




These magnets are STRONG so keep them from devices which are sensitive to magnetic fields.


Watch out for hard surfaces (concrete, wood floor etc) Singing Magnets are not indestructible; they can break.


WARNING: WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.


Recommended Age:



Age: 5+