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Pre Order For Wave 2 One Piece Open!
Pre Order For Wave 2 One Piece Open!

PRE-ORDER One Piece Card Game Romance Dawn (OP-01) Booster Box

by bandai
Original price $154.99 - Original price $154.99
Original price
$154.99 - $154.99
Current price $154.99

Order 12 For A Sealed Case
Wave 1 Landing Early December (Sold out)
Wave 2 Landing Late December - Early January (Stock Available)
Wave 2 Stock Is Identcile To Wave 1 Stock (No Reprinted Mark)

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the original series, Bandai is releasing the ONE PIECE CARD GAME! Explore your favorite characters and relive all the moments from the past 25 years!

Contains: 24 Romance Dawn Booster Packs

121 card types

Leader: x8

Common: x45

Each box includes 1 of 6 box toppers!

Uncommon: x30

Rare: x26

Super Rare: x10

Secret Rare: x2

*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.
*Booster packs will provide random cards no Secret Rare gaurnateed*