Sesame Street Nubbies Blind Box


Sesame Street Nubbies Blind Box

Product description


Enter the world of Nubbies!

Introducing a new blindbox collection of scan-and-play collectible figures, the Nubbies: Sesame Street!
Standing at only 2” tall, these pocket-sized Sesame Street characters are small and adorable, but they sure are mighty fun! The real joy begins when you scan your Nubbies on the Mighty Jaxx app, unlocking a digital world of fun where you can feed and interact with them.
Each Nubbies: Sesame Street character comes with its own unique features in the game, so be sure to collect all 10 of them! 
Will you be the lucky one to complete the whole collection?

Licensed and manufactured by: Mighty Jaxx International Pte Ltd

• ~2″ (10cm) Vinyl Art Toy (Blind Box)
• Each piece Individually packed in printed box
• Single-piece purchases are random
• 1/24 chance for Rares, 1/48 chance for Ultra Rare