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SkyWatcher 2x 1.25” Achromatic Barlow Lens w/ Camera Adapter

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The Sky-Watcher 2x 1.25” Achromatic Barlow Lens with Camera Adapter is a excellent addition to your astronomy tool box. You can use it to amplify the image you view through your telescope and it also allows you to connect a DSLR camera, with the proper attachments, to your telescope.

Premium components and expert construction ensure you get the clearest views. It has multi coated optics which improves light transmission. It’s also designed to reduce chromatic aberrations so you get pin point accurate stars when your viewing.

It’s compatible with most standard 1.25” focusers, diagonals, and eyepiece accessories.
With the Sky-Watcher 2x 1.25” Achromatic Barlow Lens with Camera Adapter you virtually double the number of magnifications available on your eyepieces.