heebie jeebies desk novelty Galileo Thermometer 28cm by Heebie Jeebies heebie jeebies desk novelty Galileo Thermometer 28cm by Heebie Jeebies
Galileo Thermometer 28cm by Heebie Jeebies $29.99
This 28cm high Galileo Thermometer has 6 balls. The temperature can be read by observing which bauble is floating in the middle of the column. This thermometer is a fantastic way to tell the temperature and be a beautiful decorator item for any room.
schylling novelty Marblescope
Marblescope $14.99
This marble kaleidoscope brings a psychedelic array of colours and patterns! Just turn the scope and watch the colours change! Measures 18.4cm long! CDU of 12 units. Ages 3+
schylling novelty Classic Tin Kaleidoscope
Classic Tin Kaleidoscope $14.99
Amaze your eyes with brilliant colours and patterns from our unique tin kaleidoscopes! With classic Schylling designs, these kaleidoscopes continue to dazzle all who lay their eyes on them! Measures 7.12 x 2.12 x 2.12 Ages 3 & up.
mdi desk novelty Multi Coloured Gamer Pen
Multi Coloured Gamer Pen $4.99
The Mutli-Coloured Pen Gamer is an awesome necessity for all gamers from jotting down notes to making a plan for your next move; this pen depiects the retro 8-bit style of Space invaders. This pen gives you the flexibilty to design and create using all the vibrant colours that made retro space invaders so charming. DESCRIPTIONLevel up your writing with this novelty gamer pen!Features pixel icons with text that reads 'Game Over'Choose from 6 colours to write with: black, blue, red, orange, green, purple
Landmark desk novelty Landmark - 25cm Silver Globe with LED Light
Landmark - 25cm Silver Globe with LED Light $119.99
Description: Illuminate your space with the magical glimmer of our largest cities! This beautiful world globe has built-in LEDs, so it functions as a regular world globe by day and a stunning light-up lamp by night. The gentle glow works great as a lamp an office or living space. For travellers, students, the home or the office, this world globes hides a little sundown secret everyone will adore. Great as an educational night light for kids or as a useful and elegant addition to your home décor, this globe transports you high above our wondrous planet with a simple flick of a switch. Features: LED world globe that lights up! Can be used as a regular world globe during the day When turned off, the globe has an executive silver finish Comes with a sturdy stainless steel base and packaged in a presentation box  Great as an executive office light or lounge lamp Specifications: Dimensions: 25 cms diameter, 28.5 cms high Material: Stainless steel & plastic Power: Comes with mains power cord & USB plug Inclusions: 1 x globe, 1 x power cord, 1 x USB cable & power plug Colour: Silver when off / Warm white when illuminated
mdi novelty World's Smallest Galileo Thermometer
World's Smallest Galileo Thermometer $16.95
A tiny scientific marvel! Based on the thermoscope invented by Galileo Floating bulbs indicate the temperature
mdi novelty World's Smallest Newton's Cradle
World's Smallest Newton's Cradle $9.95
Teeny tiny Newton's Cradle! Shiny chrome frame & stainless steel balls Great way to introduce physics to little ones
luckies desk novelty Revolving Globe
Revolving Globe $44.99
Around the world in 14 seconds!Take a trip around the world in just 14 seconds with Revolving Globe! This battery-operated earth rotates and makes a perfect accompaniment to any desk space. With it’s easy to put together two-part assembly, you’ll be discovering the world at your fingertips using the detailed map and high-gloss finish. 14.2 x 14.2cmProduct Features:· A detailed map of the world· 14-second full rotation· Spins for up to 30 days· Battery operated (AA battery not included)· High-gloss finish
heebie jeebies General Heebie Jeebies Small Desk Globe
Heebie Jeebies Small Desk Globe $19.99
This 10cm diameter desk globe features a modern map of the world in classic blue colour scheme. The perfect size for a student's desk - a particularly educational paperweight. Notes & Tips: Suitable for ages 12yrs and older. Choking hazard: Contains small parts. Dimensions: 15.00cm X 11.00cm X 11.00cm