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hexbug stem Vex Zip Flyer Launcher hexbug stem Vex Zip Flyer Launcher
Vex Zip Flyer Launcher $14.99 $19.99
Take flight with the VEX Robotics Zip Flyer by HEXBUG® , as you send the propellers over 50 feet into the air! The faster you pull the zip gear, the faster and higher the propeller flyers go. Build this model in two different ways, and see how elevation and distance travelled react. 
Hexbug stem Vex Switchgrip Ball Shooter hexbug stem Vex Switchgrip Ball Shooter
Vex Switchgrip Ball Shooter $29.99
In just a matter of minutes you can construct an ingenious blaster, with the VEX Robotics SwitchGrip by HEXBUG! Shoots Balls Over 20 Feet! 11 Balls Included 140+ snap together pieces STEM based construction Ages 8 years and up Promotes basic engineering skills Assemble an imaginative blaster with the VEX Robotics Switch Grip Ball Shooter. Fill your loader with ammo and perform the launcher’s signature pumping action to send projectile balls flying over 20+ feet! Intended as an entryway to STEM, this toy aims to curate an engineer’s mentality through one of the most effective play patterns. 
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hexbug General Hexbug Micro Titan Arena hexbug stem HEXBUG Micro Titans Vortex (Assorted Battle Arena)
HEXBUG Micro Titans Vortex (Assorted Battle Arena) $29.99 $69.99
HEXBUG Micro Titans Vortex (Assorted Battle Arena) Warriors have been summoned across time and space to determine which of them is the mightiest champion. Choose your fighter and spin into the Vortex to meet your foe in an epic battle of the ages. Land a hit on your opponent’s chest piece to shut down their power core and triumph! Two leaders of vast armies enter the Vortex to prove their might. Who will emerge victorious. Features: Light up weapons and armor. 360° spin fighting style. Heads pop up to signal victory. Rechargeable LiPo battery inside each Micro Titan included. Use your own adapter with 2 USB charging cables included. Two remote controls with button cell batteries included. Ages 8 and up.
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hexbug stem Hexbug VEX Robotic Arm hexbug stem Hexbug VEX Robotic Arm
Hexbug VEX Robotic Arm $39.99 $79.99
Hexbug VEX Robotic Arm: the kind of robots that work on assembly lines building other complex pieces of machinery? Now you can unlock the mystery behind these sophisticated robots by building one of your own! Exclusively from HEXBUG comes the VEX Robotics Robotic Arm – a completely functional construction kit inspired by real industrial robot arms.   This construction kit challenges you to not only Build Genius but also build a fully functional VEX Robotic Arm at the same time. With four points of motion, you can use each control knob to pick up surrounding objects with the claw!   The educational robotics kit can raise objects up to 14 inches by twisting the “left” hand knob forward and backward. It also extends out to 10 inches by twisting the “right” hand knob forward and backward. By turning the dial on the rear of the Arm will allow you to pick up many common household objects using the claw! The whole crane can rotate 360 degrees, allowing this miniature robot to perform the complex actions of its real-life counterpart.   HEXBUG believes in using the fun of robotic toys to teach kids important Stem Acitvies through hands-on learning. The VEX Robotics Robotic Arm features two alternate builds for more robotic fun! All Robotic Arm’s construction pieces are compatible with educational VEX IQ pieces to create your own custom VEX robot and explore unlimited possibilities.
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hexbug stem HEXBUG Nano Box Sumo Arena hexbug stem HEXBUG Nano Box Sumo Arena
HEXBUG Nano Box Sumo Arena $9.99 $19.99
HEXBUG NANO BOX SUMO ARENA DETAILS Box your way to victory with collectible vibration-powered characters!2 Box Sumo Characters and Battle Ring carry case included2 nano and detachable bases includedBatteries included (Button battery) Note that random charecter will be sent.Ages 3 and upIn this king of the hill style fight, only one can be the winner! The ring even doubles as a carrying case for your characters and nano, so you can pack them up and battle anywhere you want. With so many kooky characters, the possibilities are endless! Settle the score of age-old battles, or come up with the craziest fights you can think of.
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hexbug General Vex Forklift Ball Machine hexbug General Vex Forklift Ball Machine
Vex Forklift Ball Machine $44.99 $45.00
Bring the beauty of kinetic motion to life! Using a unique over-center linkage, this sophisticated machine is capable of executing both a scooping and lifting motion with its specialized forklift arm. Powered by a hand crank, this machine will move balls in a continuous loop at a rate of 1 ball per second (8 balls included).2 alternate builds - Dragster and Needle.
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hexbug stem Vex Gatling Rapid Fire hexbug stem Hexbug Vex Robotics Gatling Rapid Fire Motorised Dart Shooter Construction Set
Hexbug Vex Robotics Gatling Rapid Fire Motorised Dart Shooter Construction Set $59.99 $59.99
Ready, aim, fire! Kids will have a blast as they eagerly assemble the VEX Robotics Gatling Rapid Fire by HEXBUG.   VEX Robotics Gatling Rapid Fire by HEXBUG is the ultimate handheld STEM build. Watch as the motorized barrel spins and unleashes the 8 rubber-tipped darts on a series of targets. Made from over 275 pieces, the Gatling Rapid Fire is compatible with the VEX IQ platform and perfect for a junior engineer-in-the-making.     8 rubber-tipped darts included   275+ snap together pieces   Shoots over 20+ feet   Batteries not included.   Ages 14 years and up
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hexbug stem Vex Screwlift Ball Machine hexbug stem Vex Screwlift Ball Machine
Vex Screwlift Ball Machine $44.99 $45.00
Discover the excitement of engineering! Inspired by the original design of one of the greatest scientific minds of Ancient Greece, this modern machine puts a fresh twist on the Archimedes Screw from the 3rd Century B.C. This system is time tested and still used by many industries to move small objects or liquids.2 alternate builds - Tank and Sabre.
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hexbug stem Vex Hook Shot hexbug stem HEXBUG - VEX Robotics: Hook Shot Ball Machine
Vex Hook Shot $44.99 $45.00
You shoot, you score! A kinetic art mechanism that blends the intrigue of sophisticated machinery with the excitement of sports science. Spin the hand crank to wind up the elastic powered striker arm to launch balls through the loop system and sink them in the return basket.2 alternate builds - Copter and Pirate Ship