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Pokémon Go set now available to Pre-order
Pokémon Go set now available to Pre-order


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Arkerobox is an educational archaeological excavation set that enables children to learn with experience which is among the innovative education methods to raise awareness towards global cultural heritage.

Geographical Region: Southeastern Anatolia, (Northern Mesopotamia)

  • Göbeklitepe, whose history goes back 12000 years, is in the identity of a 'sacred area'.
  • Göbeklitepe is one of the most important sanctuaries ever identified.
  • Even before the discovery of agriculture by the people, the fact that long-lasting fixed places were built made us question the truths we know until now.
  • The 'T' shaped obelisks in the places unearthed so far in Göbeklitepe are decorated with animal motifs depending on the mentality of the period