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Pokémon Go set now available to Pre-order
Pokémon Go set now available to Pre-order


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Arkerobox is an educational archaeological excavation set that enables children to learn with experience which is among the innovative education methods to raise awareness towards global cultural heritage.

4 Important Features of Troy; 

  • The source we learned about the Trojan Legend is the work called Iliad, which was written by Homer about 400 years after the Trojan War. 
  • The Trojan War, which has been mentioned for centuries, is among the pioneers of the wars between the east and the west. 
  • The war between the Achaeans and the Trojans lasted for about 10 years, but we can know the last 51 days of this process as the Iliad epic tells. 
  • Heinrich Schliemann illegally smuggled some of the artifacts he removed from the Ancient City of Troy abroad and some of the smuggled artifacts are exhibited in the Pushkin Museum of Russia.