Engino - Academy of Steam - Solar Plane

$17.50 $24.99 -30% OFF

Engino - Academy of Steam - Solar Plane

$17.50 $24.99 -30% OFF
Product description

Build your own solar powered plane with this Academy of Steam Solar Plane activity set from Engino. Inspiring students to become better problem solvers, kids can observe how solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, causing the propeller to spin 'round and 'round using clean, endless energy - no batteries required! With step-by-step instructions for easy assembly, and an easy to piece together modular design, this fun kit helps children develop their STEM skills, all while providing hours of creative, scientific fun!


  • Engino activity sets
  • Design: Academy of Steam Solar Plane Activity Set
  • Pack contents:
    • Solar blade
    • Engino parts
    • Plastic skins
    • Paper outlines
    • Adhesive tape
    • Piece of carton