Excel SmartStudy - Mathematics Year 10


Excel SmartStudy - Mathematics Year 10

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Get the Results You Want—the Smart Way!
This book outlines the six steps to test and exam success:
Step 1: Study Notes
Step 2: Skills Check
Step 3: Intermediate Test
Step 4: Advanced Test
Step 5: Sample Exam Papers
Step 6: Check Your Worked Solutions


Strand: Number and Algebra

  • Financial Mathematics
  • Algebraic Techniques
  • Linear and Non-linear Relationships

Strand: Measurement and Geometry

  • Using Units of Measurement
  • Geometric Reasoning
  • Trigonometry

Strand: Statistics and Probability

  • Chance
  • Date Representation and Interpretation

Tips for the Sample Exam Papers
Sample Exam Papers
Worked Solutions
Test & Exam Results
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