Chewigem: Hexichew Sensory Chew & Fidget - Rainbow


Chewigem: Hexichew Sensory Chew & Fidget - Rainbow

Product description

Hexichew Sensory Chew & Fidget - Rainbow

The Chewigem team is always led by people’s needs and this product is a direct result of that. The requests came in for longer chews to reach molars, something that could help hand strength, a robust chew, people wanted more texture and something they could use at home.

Features: Great for at-home Chewing Texture and nubs for additional sensory input. Molar chewers delight Improves Hand strength Can be linked by the ball and loop 76% of People say it helps them Self regulate

A funky chew and fidget toy in one! Six arms: 3 balls - 3 loops.

Link them to each other or link the same one by bending across.

Perfect for chewing to improve low muscle tone - suitable for mild to moderate chewers
Great for developing fine motor skills & hand eye co-ordination
Sensory stimulation with bumps and ridges
Tough when bent so ideal for improving hand strength and dexterity
Ideal fidget either alone or linked together.