Playing Cards - Plastic Jumbo


Playing Cards - Plastic Jumbo

Product description

Elevate your game nights with LPG  Jumbo Plastic Playing Cards, designed to bring a touch of durability and convenience to your classic card games. 

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Visibility: No more squinting during game time. Our Jumbo Index cards feature large, clear numbers and suits, making it easy for players of all ages to see their hands and make quick decisions.
  • Durable Build: Say goodbye to worn-out cards. Our Plastic Playing Cards are designed to withstand regular use, ensuring they remain in great shape even after repeated games.
  • Smooth Handling: Shuffle, deal, and play with ease. These cards have a comfortable feel that makes shuffling and dealing a hassle-free experience.
  • Accident-Ready: Spills happen, but they won't spoil the fun. Our cards are designed to withstand minor spills and can be easily wiped clean.
  • Versatile Fun: From poker nights to bridge games, these cards are ready for it all. Their versatility ensures you can explore a variety of games with the same deck.
  • Longevity: Get long-lasting value with these cards. They're built to be your gaming companions for years to come, offering ongoing entertainment.
  • On-the-Go: Planning a trip? These cards are travel-friendly and lightweight. Carry them in your pocket or bag and enjoy impromptu gaming wherever you go.