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Pre Order For Wave 2 One Piece Open!
Pre Order For Wave 2 One Piece Open!

Shaggy Nee Doh

by needoh
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Find your groove with this fuzzy ball of fascination!

As soon as it lands in the palm of your hand, your worries melt away. The fuzz feels pleasantly soft, and when you give it a squeeze, it feels delightfully goopy and oozy.

Yet, it's completely non-sticky, residue-free, and always returns to its spherical shape!

With the Shaggy Nee-Doh, you'll always feel nothing but neat-oh.

Shaggy Nee-Doh

  • Squishy, fuzzy stress ball
  • Encourages calmness, concentration
  • A delight to grab, hold, and squeeze
  • Non-sticky, residue-free
  • Includes one Shaggy Nee-Doh
  • Color chosen randomly by manufacturer - Color choice not avaialable
  • Measures 2.5 inches in diameter
  • High-quality materials - Lasting durability