Turn N Learn: Triceratops Puzzle


Turn N Learn: Triceratops Puzzle

Product description

Snap together an imposing herbivore with this impressive Triceratops horridus puzzle. Known for its neck-protecting frill and piercing horns, these ceratopsians were one of the last non-avian dinosaurs. Fossil evidence suggests their horns were used to spar with rivals as well as ward off attacks from predators including Tyrannosaurus Rex. If fighting was not the answer, Triceratops could evade at 20 miles per hour.


  • Dinosaur Floor Puzzle: Sized at 4ft long, this large floor puzzle features stunning artwork of a beautiful behemoth, providing an immersive and captivating experience for kids of all ages. Ideal for dinosaur enthusiasts, puzzle lovers, and educational playtime.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton: Flip the puzzles over to reveal scientifically accurate glow-in-the-dark reconstructions of dinosaur skeletons, adding a thrilling element to the puzzle-solving adventure. Perfect for sparking curiosity, interactive learning, and sensory exploration.
  • Educational Fun with Science Guides: Kindle curiosity and knowledge with included Science Guides, offering information about paleontology, ancient creatures, and fascinating fun facts. Enhance STEM learning, cognitive skills, and critical thinking while exploring the world of dinosaurs.
  • Safe and Well-Processed: Puzzle corners are carefully crafted to ensure safety, with no sharp edges, making it suitable for young children to play with and enjoy. Child-friendly materials, non-toxic, and durable construction for worry-free playtime.
  • Perfect Gift for Kids: These puzzles not only provide entertainment but also support skill development such as concentration, problem-solving, and creativity.

Turn N Learn - 100 Piece Triceratops Floor Puzzle for Kids!

Includes an Anatomy Reference Guide

100% Accurate | Double Sided | Glow in the Dark